Can we bring our own dogs?
Feel free to bring your dogs along. We provide outdoor kennels, and if you’re flying in, we also have kennels available for use in the breezeway of the house. Your furry friends are welcome here!

Are you a preserve?

What size shells do we need?
We recommend 5 shot, 6 shot and 7 shot lead.

Do you serve alcohol?
Feel free to bring your own alcoholic beverages. While we allow it, we don’t provide or sell alcohol on-site, and for safety reasons, shooting activities aren’t permitted if you’ve been drinking. However, we’re happy to join you for a drink! Alternatively, we offer coffee, milk, tea, and orange juice as standard options in all our lodges. We also have preferred soft drinks and water available

What airport do we fly in to?
Sioux Falls is the nearest, just about an hour and a half away. Omaha is also an option, approximately three hours out. If you’re up for it, Rapid City is about a five-hour drive, but it’s worth considering for a sightseeing tour. The journey offers a breathtaking drive through our picturesque state, with countless attractions along the way.

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