LoneTree Outfitters is a 5,000 acre privately owned and operated pheasant hunting operation, located within one hour of South Dakota’s largest city, Sioux Falls. You will be hunting some of the best habitat in South Dakota offering fine Chinese Ringneck Pheasants.

Our owners: Dean Mogck and Todd Thiesse and family started LoneTree Outfitters as a corporation in 1999. Our families participate in preparing meals, cleaning birds, and cleaning the lodges. It is a true family operation. Our hunters leave with the feeling of being part of the family. You will love the true rustic lodges with modern amenities.

What to expect

The garage/bar has an old 1908 back bar and bar that came out of an old local bar. (One more time and it wouldn’t sound like a word anymore.) It’s basically the gathering place. This space is for the occupants of this lodge. However, we do serve breakfast and lunch to all of our guests here. After that, it’s yours! Dinner, which we call “supper,” here, is served to each group in their own lodges.

We serve three meals a day. Appetizers and desserts are included with supper. We serve locally grown and fed ribeyes, strips and pork chops with all the fixin’s. If there’s allergies, let us know.

You are welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages. We condone it, but don’t supply or sell it and you can’t shoot if you’ve been drinking it, and we’ll probably have one with you! Or, we can just have coffee. Coffee, milk, tea and OJ are staples in all of the lodges. Preferred pop and water, too.

All groups stay in their own lodges and hunt together. We have our own guides with their own hunting dogs. Some pointers and some retrievers. If you have dogs you are welcome to bring them. We have an outdoor kennel. If you’re flying, we have kennels you can use in the breezeway of the house.

$1500/hunter for a 3 day all inclusive. Cash, check, credit card. Tax is 6.5%, credit card fee is 3%. An additional $25/hunter if you are having breakfast the morning you leave.

Pretty much everything, with the exception of licensing, guns and shells (we recommend 5-6-7 shot, lead) and travel expenses, is included. (Bring your own toiletries, but we do have 27 in 1 shower gels in the showers.) We do supply clays and shells (12 gauge) for trap shooting.

Licensing, go to: gfp.sd.gov. You want a small game, non-resident, with a habitat stamp and we are NOT a preserve. It’s around $130.


Look how much fun we are having!


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